Monday, 29 April 2013

New Toys For The Boys - RCF Art 715a's!

Peavey Smeavey!

Just a quick one today, as we have finally put our Peavey UL15 Messengers into retirement. Boys, ye served us well! Whilst we will look back at the time we spent together with happiness, at the same time, we know that our new babies will add an extra dimension to our shows.

RCF Art 715a - The new Addition To The Family

You would not actually believe the "discussions" we had before getting these, and it was only the untimely death of our old power amp that pushed us down this route. I had wanted to upgrade our cabs for a while as they were constantly on the limit, but as with all things, it is the justification of the price when they were still performing well for what would be an unknown benefit to the sound.

The problem with music equipment, is that it is very much a bottomless pit if you want it to be. There will ALWAYS be a better desk, better cables, better effects units, same performance but a third of the size etc... Whilst our aim is to have the best sounding equipment and as a wedding and function band make the best sounding and looking show, this HAS to be balanced with cost to both us, and what we would have to charge to cover the investment. We could have a lighting rig with Martin movable fixtures, the sort used on Strictly, The Voice and X-Factor, but it really could not be justified (sadly!).

With the PA though, you are paying for sound quality, performance and reliability, and as a band playing a wedding simply cannot afford to have a "show-stopper", its not about the investment making you money, its about it not losing you money.

As I wrote last year about how hard it is to find pub gigs, even though the band focus on being the best rock pop and soul wedding band, we still love playing pubs, and given the money paid for pub gigs really hasn't increased in many a year, this kind of investment may seem over the top, but with these new workhorses, coupled with our Mackie SRS1500 sub-woofer, means that we can go from a small pub to a 300 person function room without worry.

Well, that's the theory anyway! We have a short break now due to Mark Keown about to become a Dad for the third time, but as soon as we have our first show on 19th May with these new bad boys, I will report on how they perform, hopefully with some pictures of them in action.


Ritchie Mellor, Lead Guitar - Pretty Vegas Wedding Band
Contemplating How Any Bum Notes Will Sound Much Clearer!

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