Thursday, 9 May 2013

Next For The Blog - Gig Blogs

New Ideas

Well, as the both Mark Keown and Leighton Hume have done a blog post, I was thinking of what other things I could start writing about for this blog in order to keep both reader interest and also to help keep my sanity and allowing me to get my thoughts out there into the ether!

I have made some suggestions to the boys and they have there next writing assignments, but I thought what would I write about?

When I started this, one of the reasons was, in truth, to help with our SEO as the online competition for pop rock and soul wedding bands is really tough, but without regular posting, that actually means nothing, and I forgot how much I enjoy it, so will continue, but that means something to write about.

I still have lots of ideas, but one thing I have decided on has actually come about because at the moment we are really short of recorded material to have on our website, despite me having my studio and us having our YouTube videos up. It's not that we can't record, it's just that, like I said in my blog about the non-gig work, a studio recording doesn't actually give a true representation of how we are live, even though we use backing tracks.

So although we will be putting some studio stuff up, and after a lot of research on the hire of recording gear, for the next function on 19th May, I will be bringing my recording rig to the gig and recording the whole thing as multitracks.

Recording The Thing!

Now, my rig is an M-Audio ProjectMix I/O which is an interface and 9 fader control surface. So it's not exactly small! And whilst I would love to bring my studio PC to be 100%, it's huge, so my laptop will be pressed into service for this.

This got me to thinking about gear, an maybe getting something smaller and better, a new interface and use the ProjectMix just for the control element in the studio, but the interface I could bring to all functions and wedding and then I could get loads of tracks to put up. This then led me to the thought of if I am recording a gig, what about doing blogs about them too. They wouldn't need to be big, but might be fun to do.

So that, I have decided is something I going to be doing from now on, get a few pictures before, during and after (name change to protect the innocent!) and a brief piece on how it all went.


Well, as is my way, rather than just crack on and struggle with the big setup, thought it would be an idea to do the buying of said new interface, so a quick visit to the musical wonderland that is PMT Manchester and I returned home with my new Roland Octa-Capture, and new I am compact and ready to start recording!

Now, I just need to learn how to solder to get the desk and my recording rig talking to each other!

Pretty Vegas

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